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E.L.F’s New Magic Brushes?!

Okay, so maybe you haven’t heard but while scrolling through Instagram I found this beauty…

That’s right lovelies, E.L.F has some new brushes coming out in October. This is probably the best news I’ve heard ALL day. Now, according to @askachelle on Instagram (she’s a “Global Artistic Director for E.L.F cosmetics) she’s been working on a brand new brush set with clear handles and beautiful fluffy bristles.

The pieces will range from $5-$12 which is a steal. If you’ve ever used elf brushes you know that with proper care the black handled brushes can last quite a while so I’m excited to see the quality and life span of these new fancier ones. I’ll be checking my nearest E.L.F boutique frequently to get them the day they come in if I can.

Look at those pretty bristles, probably unicorn hair…and magical clear handles?! The excitement is real. But I’m not the only one going crazy, check out Hello Giggles Beauty Chatter page. Jascmeen Bush wrote a nice piece on the internet reaction and even adds some tips on how she keeps her brushes nice and clean so click here for that.

Expect a very serious review of these babies as soon as I can get my hands on them.




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