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Summer Fun Popsicle Card

Hello again lovelies! Since summer is quickly coming to a close, (can you believe it’s already August?) I thought I’d share a quick, easy little card that I made today.

This card is SO quick, and SO easy to make and its great for anyone, especially if you’re like me and love crafts but have no drawing ability! Here’s a picture of the finished product, super simple, super cute and again, so easy.

The whole process took me a little less than 15 minutes to make. Let’s get started shall we?

Here are all the things that you will need (items with a “*” are optional but helpful)

  • A paper trimmer*
  • Adhesives (I’m using my holy grails, the ATG and a two way glue pen)
  • Scissors
  • Bone Folder*
  • Different Colors of cardstock, heavy and standard
  • Scrapbook paper*
  • Embellishments (ribbon, rhinestones etc…)*
  • Markers/Pens/Pencil
  • Ruler

Step One:

First we need a card base. If you are super lazy like me, you can use an A2 card base. These measure 4.25X5.5 inches, and you can just take a standard size piece of cardstock and cut it in half to make two of these. I always have a few extras around for last minute cards which is helpful.

Cut the cardstock in half so that you have two8.5X5.5  pieces. Next, score the pieces at 4.25 inches and fold in half. This gives you an A2 card base.

Step Two:

This step is optional but I always like to add a background to my cards, so I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to layer on top of the front of the card. Moving right along.

Step Three: The next thing I did was with some pink ( or whatever color you want) cardstock I cut out a popsicle shape. I’m a horrible artist, but this was very simple and it’s ok if its not perfect. Any rounded rectangle shape should work fine. You should also take the time now to make a “popsicle stick” from som beige cardstock. I didn’t even bother drawing this one out first. Just cut a long, thin rectangle and round the edges.

I ended up not liking the pink cardstock so I glued it to a piece of glitter paper and cut the same shape. That way, the glitter paper had some stiffness to it. Ahhh sparkles, as a friend of mine once said, when in doubt, SPARKLE IT OUT! *Note: I am not responsible for any sparkles that are now permanently attached to your face, clothes, cat, and/or everything else you own*

Step Four:

We are almost done! Take this time to attach the scrapbook paper to the front of your card, and cut out any little details you’d like to add. I used a hole punch for the eyes and blush and just cut out a few teardrop shapes and a little mouth. Again, no natural artistic ability needed! 😀 Excellent. Last step!

Step Five:

Put everything together! Glue down your popsicle stick, then your popsicle. Add your details, mine were the eyes, mouth and melting droplets. Add any embellishments! I used some pearl stickers. Add a sentiment! You don’t have to do this part, or you can use a stamp, but I just added a little “You are so Sweet” in there in my own handwriting. There you go! All done. Just add an envelope!

I love having cute little cards like this in my arsenal because you can honestly use them for anything. This makes a great last minute card for a summer birthday, or a just because card. My nieces and nephews LOVE crafting with me and this is something that they can make with a little supervision to pass the time!

Alrighty guys! Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned because I have a mini Target “haul” of products I’m trying out to share with you. Exciting!





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