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Powerfully Cute Sailor Moon Card

Hi lovelies! I just finished up making an adorable birthday card for a friend and I thought you guys would like it too.

Look at my little Sailor Moon Figures…<3

I’m not going to go step by step on how I made it, but I will explain the process and give pictures in case you want to make one as well. I just wanted to show it off before I give it away. Either way I hope you like it!

How I made it:

All of the pieces were hand drawn and cut out so I can’t really explain it very well but I will try my best.

I used an A2 card base (Check my Popsicle Card post to find the measurements) and added some shimmery white cardstock as a background. Then using blue cardstock I cut out the collar part of her outfit. If you’re having trouble you can always fold the paper in half and just draw one half, then when you open it up, you’ll have a perfectly symmetrical piece. Like how we used to make hearts for Valentine’s as kids. 🙂 ❤

I did the same thing for the bow, but I drew it out on regular paper before tracing it onto the back of some red mirror cardstock because I didn’t want to fold that in half.

Look at that highlight though! Haha

The brooch was the hardest part because I didn’t have a gold gem that was big enough, so I used a red one, colored it with a gold metallic marker, added some clear polish and then topped it off with gold glitter. I LOVE it, again, when in doubt, glitter it out!

I used some smaller gems for the ones around the brooch in the colors that match the other sailor scouts, Red, green, yellow/gold and blue. 🙂

After that I just put everything together. I used my ATG adhesive to attach the shimmery base, two-way glue for the collar and bottom of the bow, and hot glue for the top piece of the bow and all of the gems. Then I popped up the edges of the bow with some dimensional foam or, as I like to call them, pop dots. Lastly, some white lines for the collar with a gel pen, and some black lines for where the skirt part of her outfit would start. Voila! All done.

What do you guys think? Will she like it? Have you made any Sailor Scout inspired crafts? Be sure to share them with me! Until next time! 🙂




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