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Brazil! The Application Process. 

Hello lovelies! So this is a very different kind of post but I really want to share it with you. 

Currently I am in the process of applying for my very first study abroad trip. I’m very excited!!! Not only is it in the country I want to visit but the course content pertains to my academic and career goals. 

It’s an overwhelming process to say the least. Passports, applications, visas, more applications, personal statements, reccomendations, fundraising. It’s so stressful. So I thought I’d document my experience here as I pass each milestone of the Study Abroad experience. I will probably put them all together in one folder so you won’t have to read them if you’re not interested but if you are, I hope you’ll stick with me through this crazy journey!

The Application Process. 

My program is during the winter intercession through CUNY-Hunter. It takes place in Bahia, the colonial capital of Brazil. This is especially important to me because I hope to study Brazilian History extensively and possibly even teach it some day. I am a decent Portuguese speaker, having taken two beginner classes, I picked up the language quite quickly and am continuing my studies this semester as well. This will hopefully prove useful during my travels. 

All of this and many other points I decided to include in my Personal Statement, which I have to attach to one of my applications. That’s right, ONE. There are two program applications, and although they are not very long, they do require a $350 deposit and a passport (that’s another $140 for me, since I don’t have one). Basically, I can’t submit the applications until my passport comes in the mail. Which won’t be for another couple weeks since I can’t apply for it until next Thursday (September 8th) at the earliest. Go figure. This whole ordeal landed on a holiday weekend. The application was only posted about 2 weeks ago and is due October 19! So soon! I’m a panicking mess, thank you anxiety. (Read those last few sentences over in a very hurried, “im out of breath” sort of way)

So what am I doing at this very moment, besides sending out my personal statement to be reviewed by some of my professors? I’m currently counting the hours until I can get up and fix myself to go take my passport photos in the morning. 

Thank goodness I started a gofundme campaign! My middle school and High School teachers as well as some friends have helped me raise over $200 so far and I can’t express how thankful I am that I can pay my bills and pay for my passport to be expedited and not stress about finances. Because lord knows, on my paycheck there wouldn’t be a cent left over after bills. So honestly, if you are planning on studying abroad, try some family and friend fundraising. Who knows what can happen! (As I write this, a friend of mine just donated and I’m a little teary eyed. It’s moving to see all the people who are willing to help you achieve your goals.)

Aside from my Passport and $350 application fee both forms are filled out and ready to go, and should be in the mail at the latest, one week before the deadline. Still that’s later than I wanted. Let’s hope the passport thing goes smoothly. Fingers crossed! Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more segments of “Brazil!”
Also, if you’d like to learn more about the campaign, share it, or donate to it, the link is 

Feel free to share it if you’d like, it’s a tough goal to reach but whatever I can raise is more than what I had and is appreciated. If I manage to make the goal, all leftover donations are going to be donated. Please check out the link to find out about the Brazilian charity I’m donating to. 

Till next time!




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