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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

How many of my lovelies like NYX? I’m sure a lot of you do and I’m sure you’ve tried their soft matte lip creams. They’re so great. I’ve had a couple in the past but never in the dark vampy colors I like, but I FINALY found one on a drugstore run to CVS. The NYX cosmetics were BOGO 50% off so I got a lip cream in Copenhagen and an eyeshadow primer (you can click here for my review of that). 

If you look closely you can see some patchiness on my bottom lip and that is just one of the many problems I’ve had with this product. Read on…

Right out of the bottle it’s looks gorgeous and creamy like all of the other lip creams. It smells like some kind of cake which I don’t really like but it goes away after it dries down. 


It’s super duper patchy. I had to go out and buy a lip liner to match. (A great match is Jordana’s retractable one in “Cabernet”) Liner underneath definitely helped but the lip color still needed several layers to be opaque. 

Dry Time:

This product takes too long to dry. I have leave my mouth open so that my lips don’t touch and having to do this for more than a minute is just too long. Eventually I just gave up and resumed my normal face situation. Closing my lips and talking didn’t have too much of an impact on the product which was good, it didn’t come off while it was drying.
Wear and Touch ups:

If you’re like me and like to drink water or eat snacks here and their (pretzel thins are my sweet addiction) don’t wear this until you are done eating FOR THE DAY! It will come off no matter what you eat or how you eat it, and don’t even THINK about reapplying. Putting a new layer of product over already dry layers, makes the product crumble and flake and feather and it looks absolutely GROSS. Not to mention it’s super drying and cracks so bad. 

You can see that I tried to reapply but it just wiped off the dry color and didnt apply color where needed it, the inner part of my lip which is bare at this point. This picture was taken several minutes after application and it is still shiny.

Final Thoughts:

I wanted to love this product the way I love other NYX products. But I didn’t. I know some companies have different formulas for different colors and so I want to believe that this color is just a fail and that other dark colors won’t be as patchy and won’t look like hell after a few hours. I’m going to try a few other dark colors if I can and I will let you all know if something works. In the mean time. I would just invest in some of the new Fall lippies from Colourpop. Oh so pretty. 

Will I buy it again? Not this shade. Nope. 

Will I recommend it? Sorry. No. But here’s a cute picture of a perfect application RIGHT after it matted down. If only it stayed that way 😥

1/5 Hearts ❤️👎🏻


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