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Brazil! The Post Office From Hell

How many of you hate the post office?

Anyone? Anyone? Well I do. I hate it more than the DMV. I hate it more than the line at target. I do not like it here, not there. I do not like it anywhere. 

So I went to le office of the postal services to submit my passport application this past Thursday. There was a separate line for intake, and I was happy because there was only 1 person ahead of me. Of course right before my turn, I realized I had left my photocopies at home. Because that is who I am. I only live a stop away, so I hopped on the bus and went home, grabbed my stuff and came back. At this point it was 9:30 am. 

I get back in line, and there is a person ahead of me, but that’s ok because it’s just one person, except the intake lady wasn’t helping the person, she was helping people off of the regular line. At 10:15 she helped the lady ahead of me. This took, and I kid you not,  one hour. Well 40 minutes because when the lady walked away and I walked up, the  post office worker said “you’re going to have to give me a second, I have to make that lady’s photocopies and take her picture.” 

Hold up, what?!? You are gonna do her photocopies for her. It says in bold print on the application to BRING YOUR PHOTOCOPIES WITH YOU!!!! So I have to wait because she’s unprepared. Also, don’t get me started on not getting your photos taken prior. That’s just too much. She came back almost 20 minutes later, at this point I’m upset because it is a little after 11:15. I give her my stuff and as I’m pulling out my documents she says “okay while you do that I’m just gonna go bring this over there” and before I could ask “what stuff?” or tell her “NO I HAVE EVERYTHING RIGHT HERE!!!” She walked away and left me standing there. Finally she comes back and takes my things and starts chit chatting with me, and me, being way too nice I try to answer her questions about where I was going and all that. But she was stopping EVERYTIME she asked me something, making the intake process way longer than necessary. 

By the time everything was done and submitted it was 12:30. I spent over 3 hours at the post office. 3!!!!!! So there is my passport horror story. See you in two weeks when it gets here and I can submit my final application. 
In the mean time guys, any products you want me to try out and review? Questions about my trip? Anything at all?  Let me know in the comments! 🙂 




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