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Jordana Dramatic Effects Mascara

Hi lovelies. I’ve been gone for a while, so I apologize, school and work have me tearing my hear out but I’ve got quite a few things to talk about. And today it’s COLORED MASCARA!!!! 

If you don’t know my favorite color, it’s purple. Everything purple, anything purple, any shade of purple. So when o saw this mascara I HAD to try it. 

Shade: Vivid Violet 
Normally I shy away from colored mascara because I have dark eyelashes and normally the color never shows through but I thought since this was a lighter shade maybe it would work. It was $1.99 in the dollar store around my school so I grabbed it just to try. Boy was I shocked. 

Woah, purple overload. Haha, I know I was just having some fun. But, I used the mascara on my lashes and brows and it really does show through. Honestly, for $2, I’m going to go back and get all the colors because this is wonderful! Finally, colored mascara that I can actually use!

What I will say is that the formula doesn’t do much for your lashes aside from color them so, if you really want to pop, add a layer of your favorite mascara first and put this over. You could probably even coat your falsies if you want. 
Final Thoughts:

I love it. It’s very pigmented on dark lashes, more than likely because of the shade but still. I wish it was a volumizing formula but you know, beggars can’t be choosers and for the price?! I’m not sure what the price is in other stores but I only paid $2 so I’m a happy camper. 

  • Colors dark lashes
  • Doesn’t clump much
  • Cheap


  • Not volumizing or thickening 
  • Not water proof

4/5 Hearts 💜💜💜💜


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