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Quick and Easy Ugly Sweater Cards and Holiday Care Packages (LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEAS!!!)

Hi lovelies! Finals are almost over!!! With the holidays right around the corner ready to slap us in the face, I find myself making lots of these cute cards and gift bags for everyone! They are super easy and super cute which means I can study and make these without worrying about wasting any time! 
Here’s what you will need:

Cardstock (I bought a $1 pack from target that came with envelopes. 




Metallic markers/ White paint marker

Mirror cardstock/glitter paper

ATG (small tape runners are great too)
What to do:

Punch out lots of cute holiday shapes from your mirror paper, glitter paper or whatever colors you have. Glue them down however you like. 

I ordered them so they look more like an ugly sweater and then cut off some of the edges to give it a “not so symmetrical look”

Next, using your white market or metallic markers, or whatever markers you have, start drawing some lines, squiggles, dots, x’s, make it special!

Now, gift all those naughty professors a Holiday/Finals Week Care package and seal the deal for that A! *

These care packages include…

Hand sanitizer 


Cough drops 



AND they come with cute little antlers!
These cards and gift bags cost me about $30 and I made some where close to 10 of them which isn’t so bad. I mainly just paid for things I didn’t have like the cough drops, cellophane gift bags and pocket tissues. The hand sanitizer dare always on sale at Bath and Body Works 5 for $6!!!
*this doesn’t actually guarantee you an A and I’m not liable if you don’t get one!!! 


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