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BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend 2 – 10 Piece Brush Set

Hey Lovlies! 

So if you couldn’t tell, finals have been keeping me from here. 😦 but this December I decided to treat myself andbuy  something special. It’s not often that I buy new brushes, but today at Urban Outfitters I saw these babies from BH Cosmetics. 

I’ve never used any BH Cosmetics products, but I’ve heard good things and when I saw them on the display I decided to go for it. They were $20 at U.O. That’s $2 more than buying them online, but I had some coupons and they had a sale so I ended up paying less for the brushes anyway. 
Here’s how they came out of the box, not much in the form of packaging. No padding or anything inside the box. 

Here’s one of my favorites. They are so incredibly soft and fluffy!

123 – Flat Top Buffing Brush

124 – Tapered Face Blending Brush

125 – Tapered Contour Brush

126 – Precision Blush Brush

127 – Angled Face Shader Brush

128- Small Deluxe Blending Brush

129 – Small Round Blending Brush

130 – Large Shader Brush 

131 – Nose Contour Brush

132 – Precision Detailer Brush
The brush handles have a bit of tapering to make them comfy to hold, but they are very, very light so if you like a substantial weight to your brushes these might not be for you. 

The brushes are soft to the touch but firm when they need to be, especially the face shading brush and the flat top brush. Those are so nice and dense when you’re using them. 

Most of all, they are pretty and they only cost $20. That’s $2 a pop!

Soft, pretty, well made brushes for $2 each? Magical. Honestly, my ELF brushes cost more!!!

I did an ENTIRE makeup look with these brushes alone for Christmas and New Years but unfortunately I don’t know what happened to those pictures. The holiday festivities will do that sometimes.
All in all I think that these brushes are an absolute dream! I love them and I think that for the price you get enough brushes to do your whole face. I think that the brushes are a little lightweight and I’m not too sure how good they’ll be for the long run but they are definitely some of my go to’s for now. I highly recomend these. 


  • Soft
  • Good brush choices
  • Affordable


  • Lightweight 

5/5 Hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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