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Craft Time: Lace Garters!

Hey lovlies!!! 

It’s been wayyyyy too long since I posted a craft project! How about some sexy lace garters? 

This project is SUPER SIMPLE, but a little time consuming and requires some attention to detail. Since I’m not a professional when it comes to using my sewing machine, I figured I’d share something that beginners could make as well as more advanced sewers. These are actually a practice set because I’m making some for a friend’s wedding and I wanted to make sure I could do everything well. Okay… LET’S GO!

What you’ll need:

  • Ribbon (at least 1 1/2 inch)
  • Lace trim
  • Elastic
  • A scissor
  • Tape measure
  • Straight Pins
  • Two safety pins (one medium and one large)
  • A Sewing machine (or an needle, thread and lots of patience)
  • Thread
  • A lighter (not shown)
  • A seam ripper (optional)

Step 1:

Measure out your lace and ribbon. Using your tape measure, measure around your thigh where you want the garter to rest. I have really thick thighs, and store bought garters are always too tight so this was great that I could make them in my size. 

Multiply this number by 1.5 and add one inch for seam allowance (the extra space from the seam to the end of the fabric)

My measurement was 23 inches, so…

23 x 1.5 + 1 (seam allowance) = 35.5

Since I’m making two, I cut two pieces of each material. 
Step 2:

Run the edges of your ribbon lightly over the lighter’s flame to seal the edges. 

*If your ribbon has two different sides, make sure your working with the right side (or the side you want to be visible) facing you. My ribbon is double sided so it didn’t matter. *

Next, put the ends of the ribbon together and sew half way down using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. 

*Im using a straight stitch and the machine’s suggested width and length for the entire project*

When you’re done it should look like this. 

*backstictch, or secure your ends however you normally would at the beginning and end or your work for each section you sew*

Step 3:

Open the flaps that you’ve created so that they lay flat against the ribbon and pin them down. You’ll sew that down in a second. 

Sew down the edges of those flaps as close as you can tô the edges. Make sure you have them really flat so that there’s no weird fabric wrinkles to get stuck in your feed dogs (the little tracks that guide the fabric through)

When you’re done it should look like this. 

Not as close as I wanted but it’ll do.

Once you have this done, you’re going to want to fold the ribbon in half. 

Step 4:

It doesn’t really matter which way you fold it, unless you have a preference. Just get the edges together and pin them. You’re going to need to sew the entire length of the ribbon. If you have thin thighs, AWESOME you’ll be done in a jiffy! If not, and you have bigger thighs, this means a little patience. 

Step 5:

Some people like to pin all the way around for this part, I don’t, but you can. I just pinned the very beginning where the flaps are. It’s up to you, if you use my method, holding the ribbon like this, helps to make sure the edges stay together. Remember not to push or pull the fabric too much. Your  feed dogs will pull it through naturally, your fingers are ONLY there for guidance so hold it tight enough so that the seams stay together, that’s all. 
Sew, using 1/4 inch seam allowance  (2/8 of an inch) all the way around and clip your loose threads. 

Step 6:

This half of the project is probably the most tricky but it’s not hard. Just be patient and pay attention. 

You’re going to need to open the seams that you’ve left on the edge of your ribbon and place the lace trim in between your two layers of ribbon. 

It’s like a ribbon/lace oreo or something. 

This you definitely want to pin ALL THE WAY AROUND. Make SURE that your lace is in there, place it as far in as it will go to make sure you catch it with the pins and then with the machine when you’re ready to sew. 

It should look like this when you’re done:

Once you’re all pinned you can move on. 

Step 7:

Sew the three layers together. Careful to remove your pins as you go so that your needle doesn’t hit them, watch your fingers too! 🙂

In this picture I’ve lowered the pressed foot to secure my ribbon and then I remove the pin to begin, from there on out remove your pins, before they get to the presser foot. Go slow, make sure it’s nice and secure. 

When you’re finished you will have a little bit of overlapping lace. You can tuck that into the seams and sew over it or trim it. Your choice, I trimmed it and sewed the edges together with a stitch running perpendicular to the ribbon. 

Chopped that little bit off.

Step 8:

Measure the elastic around your thigh. There is no particular rule I use. Just put it around until it feels comfy, not to tight, not too loose. The elastic should be shorter than your ribbon. Once you have your perfect length, cut. Remember to cut another piece the same length if you’re making two garters. 

Take your elastic and put one of the safety pins on each end. The smaller one is gonna feed through the ribbon, the other will stop the elastic from pulling through. The top of the ribbon has an opening to feed the elastic through. Just push and pull until you’ve got it all the way through. 

Once it’s all the way through sew the edges together. 

Look at all my loose threads. Shame on me.

Step 9: 

The ribbon and lace will scrunch up naturally but if it’s uneven, just help it along with some pulling and stretching. As you do, the elastic will hide itself in the seams. 


Enjoy your sexy new garters, add cute embellishments if you want for extra adorable badassery and go forth and conquer the world gorgeous!


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