Spooky Card Holders 

Hey lovelies. As you probably already know, I don’t blog on the regular. But when I do it’s because I’ve got something interesting to share. In this case, it has to do with crafts and HALLOWEEN!!!
If you didn’t know, I’m a bit of an All Hallows’ Eve Aficionado. Meaning that come September 1st, I’m jumping on every Halloween thing I can find. Today I wanna share this cute little cardholder I put together! 

It’s pretty easy to do, and this one is quite durable. I had a flowery one that just broke and figured why not! 
Here’s what you’ll need. 

•Heavy Cardstock (decorative if you like


•Adhesive (I used Tacky Glue)

•A pencil

•A ruler 
Here are the “specs”

The shaded regions are regions you will cut. You can adjust this to any size you want really just make sure the two largest rectangles are the same in area. These are the measurements I used to fit a credit card. 
The few rounded corners and the divots on top are optional. I just find that they make everything look neater and fold a little bit easier. 
Once you’re done tracing the desired shape onto a sheet of cardstock, go ahead and cut that out. Then fold everything into place.  Go ahead and close it to make sure it fits a card or whatever you’re gonna put in there. 

Great! Now the fun part! Decorating! Now I made the mistake of adding way too many layers using heavy weight cardstock for the two outer layers and another thin layer for the inside. You can just use one piece of cardstock, that’s easier to assemble. 

I chose where I wanted the pattern to be, glued the white cardstock to the back of the decorative one and went ahead and cut it out and folded it. 
Next, go ahead and mod podge it up. I stock up on these $1 bottles at Michaels, target and dollar tree whenever I can. 

Let it dry about 20 minutes at least between coats. 

Now fold it back and glue the flaps down. I added that extra black lining piece. I definitely don’t recommend using thick decorative cardstock if you want to do this. Use thin lining and decorative paper or it will be hard to use. It will make it extremely durable though. Haha.
I added a little divot to get the cards out. But you can do whatever you like! And there you have it!!!! 😀

Happy Hauntings! ☠️


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